Our Network welcomes students and Clubs from universities and colleges located in the US and Canada.

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You can sign up either as a member of an existing Club or as the Leader of a new Club.

What do members of the Open Source Student Network get?

  • Access to our chat channel where you can meet, learn from and connect with like-minded students and Open Source experts,

  • A subscription to a newsletter that provides you with profiles of exciting Open Source projects you can contribute to, invitations to career-building opportunities, offers and contests, and a lot more,

  • Ongoing support and mentorship: we help you get onboard, start contributing and improve your skills,

  • Leadership development and training through our Mozilla Open Leaders program and other similar initiatives.

To student Club Leaders we offer:

  • All of the above

  • Access to regular Network calls where you have the opportunity to share your experience and get in touch with fellow Club Leaders and Open Source experts,

  • Personalized support, for instance through online 1:1 discussions, every step of the way: we assist you in setting up the Club, building a healthy environment, running activities, facing challenges and reaching your goals,

  • Leadership development and training through our Open Source Student Network Leadership Summit,

  • Perks like access to design tools, free pizza, stickers, and a lot more.  

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If you’re a university or college student but you aren’t enrolled in the US or Canada, go check our FAQs. You’ll discover how we support Clubs from all over the world!

And what if you’re passionate about Open Source but you aren’t a student? Read our FAQs and find out what you can do to contribute to the movement.