What if I don’t have an existing club, and want to start a new Open Source Student Club?

If you don’t have an established club but would like to start an open source club you are welcome to apply. Fill out the registration form and indicate that you’re starting a new club. We’ll send you materials and tips for launching a successful club. 

I filled out the registration form, what's next?

Thank you for applying! We have received your application and we invite you to go through the onboarding process in order to get your Club active and officially recognized. You can find more information about the process here:

  • Step 1: Fill out the form to register your club

  • Step 2: Your application is reviewed & you receive a notice of welcome

  • Step 3: Complete the “Introduction to the network” (coming soon)

  • Step 4: Create your club profile

  • Step 5: Your club is officially registered!

  • Step 6: Find great open source projects/activities

  • Step 7: Join our regular demos calls to meet other club leaders

Remember your club will need to show regular activity in order to remain in good standing.

When is my club officially recognized as a part of the Open Source Student Network?

In order to have your club be formally recognized at least one club leader must go through the “introduction to the network” course.

In order for a Club to be recognized as a part of the a Club must demonstrate three months of regular activity - by running activities, and attending meetings.

What type of activities should my club do?

The goal of the program is to support your club to learn about and contribute to open source projects. You can run any of the activities listed in the relevant page on the website or other activities related to open source. If you have an idea for an activity which will advance the mission you can propose it here.

Where can I request swag or budget for my club?

Budget and swag are not yet available through the Open Source Student Network program. However we recommend checking your University's website or student union to find out about whether funding is available through your school.

Do we have to change our name or call ourselves a “Mozilla” Club to be part of the network?

You do not have to have “Mozilla” in your club name to participate. In fact, we encourage you to keep your name focused on the purpose of your club.

However we do require that clubs registered with the open source student network have a focus on learning about, contributing to, or creating open source projects.

Can there be multiple clubs registered with Mozilla on the same campus?

Yes, multiple technical clubs from the same campus can register with Mozilla. For example, on one campus the Women in Computing Club, and an Open Source CS Club, may both be part of the network.

Some clubs would rather exist only virtually, is this possible?

No. Part of the definition of a club is that they meet regularly in person, while some activities will definitely be virtual, in order to be recognized as a part of the network they need to be primarily based on a real life campus.

What if I’m not a university student but would like to register or join a club?

If you are passionate about open source and are interested in finding more ways to contribute we encourage you to use all of the resources freely available on the site to get started contributing locally.

However only Clubs or Societies based on a University or Post-Secondary campus will be officially recognized by the program.

What if I’m not based in the US but would like to register my club?

This program is currently focused exclusively on the US to test a more focused regional approach to empowering and connecting clubs with a discrete focus on making technical contributions to open source projects.

In the meantime we’re continuing to support the work of our non-US student clubs through the Campus Clubs program. To learn about the global campus program visit - campus.mozilla.community.