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We’re fueling the open movement by creating a network of clubs on university campuses in the United States who learn about and contribute to open source.

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RIT Linux Users Group


The RIT Linux Users Group (RITlug) is a community of students and faculty at the Rochester Institute of Technology dedicated to teaching and sharing the Linux operating system and open source software with others. RITlug also works on various other projects, such as a Linux distribution customized for students and faculty at RIT.

Rensselaer Center for Open Source (RCOS)


RCOS is a group of RPI students who work on open source projects. Our mission statement is "To provide a creative, intellectual and entrepreneurial outlet for students to use the latest open-source software platforms to develop applications that solve societal problems."


Community is one of the biggest parts of open source, so it doesn't make sense for open source communities to be isolated from each other. The open source clubs program helps our community connect with others and work together to spread open source on our campuses



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